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Beware Biodiversity Loss
Carolyn Fu
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Now I bet you’re wondering, what in the world is biodiversity loss? So, biodiversity loss is basically loss of the animals on the earth, so loss of life’s diversity. Now, losing wildlife is a big problem, especially to animals on the earth. First, what causes this problem? Read on and you’ll find out.
Surprise! We humans create biodiversity loss. We fish, and when we do, we change the ecosystem and the food chains of the river. We also move animals from one place to another. For example, when a fishing boat drags their nets across the ocean floor, it picks up small critters like hermit crabs, and deposits them miles away from it’s home. Then, in it’s old home, animals eat hermit crabs, so those animals will affect other animals too. Then a bad food chain is there. Also, global warming will cause habitats and ecosystems go bad. Pollution will destroy habitats and animals. Losing habitats will lead to loss of biodiversity.

How will this affect me?
Biodiversity is the main link between every living thing on the earth. It’s like a domino effect, except is is much bigger. If there is something wrong with biodiversity, our lives are at risk too.
This is worrying because we are losing biodiversity. (Dramatic Music) Because we live in the same habitats as these poor animals, we are obviously putting our lives in danger when we make those species extinct.

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